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The following headlines have appeared in "Just Posted" boxes throughout the 4C Web site. Click the headline for the full story. Additional news can be found in online issues of 4C's various newsletters or in the 4C News Room.

Headline Date
Special Northern Kentucky Pathways: An opportunity for providers in Kenton, Boone and Campbell counties in Kentucky April 17, 2014
Growing Children: Six tips to help the preschoolers in your program get ready for kindergarten April 16, 2014
Miami Valley Pathways: Are the kids in your care ready for kindergarten? April 16, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Parenting is hard work; don't forget to thank the people who support you! April 15, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: What we learn when we struggle April 14, 2014
New Advocating for Children blog: An update on positive policy advances for children and families in Ohio and Kentucky. April 10, 2014
Growing Children: What happens when you invest time in a child? April 10, 2014
Today, April 9, is Kentucky Gives Day. Support 4C Kentucky Services! April 9, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: What is the Cincinnati Preschool Promise? April 8, 2014
Growing Children: Sometimes peer pressure isn't all bad April 3, 2014
April Parent Source: Letting children take charge of their emotions April 2, 2014
New Advocating for Children blog: An update on positive policy advances for children and families on the federal level April 1, 2014
Circle of Friends for Spring 2014 is now available! April 1, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Let the children play! (And don't forget to play along!) March 31, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Parents can't say the right thing all the time. How to still feel positive about your interactions with children? March 27, 2014
Growing Children: Make sure children are modeling YOUR best behavior! March 27, 2014
Northern Kentucky Pathways: 2014 Leadership Conference announced and more! March 26, 2014
From the Advocating for Children blog: Advocacy as a team sport March 20, 2014
Miami Valley Pathways: New CDA orientation dates and more! March 19, 2014
Put a Bib on it: New parents have more to worry about than a clean house. March 14, 2014
Southwest Ohio Pathways: Encourage play and exploration this spring! March 12, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Connect with your inner-child and focus on what brings you joy! March 10, 2014
Growing Children: Smart devices in the classroom: the good and the bad March 6, 2014
March edition of Parent Source: Tips on teaching your child to succeed through failure and effective ways to give praise. March 5, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Raising children with different needs: how to make everyone feel special. March 4, 2014
Put a Bib on it: How do you keep your family from getting overwhelmed by your every day routines? March 3, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Two simple guiding foundations for discipline. Feb. 27, 2014
Special Edition of Pathways: Price reduced for Family Child Care Conference! Feb. 27, 2014
Northern Kentucky Pathways: Science is all around! How do you encourage curiosity in the classroom? Feb. 26, 2014
Growing Children: Every member of your team is essential! Feb. 25, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Teaching your toddler how to express her feelings in a healthy way is no easy feat! Feb. 24, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Fostering sportsmanship and fun with family game night Feb. 21, 2014
Miami Valley Pathways: Valuable resources for your child care program! Feb. 20, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Watching your child learn through play is a wondrous thing! Feb. 18, 2014
Growing Children: Plan ahead for summer fun! Feb. 13, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: It's not easy being an older sibling! Feb. 12, 2014
Southwest Ohio Pathways: 4C seeking instructors; register now for FCC conference Feb. 12, 2014
Advocating for Children: A review of Children's Advocacy day, and the possible impact for Kentucky families Feb. 7, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Co-sleeping controversary Feb. 6, 2014
Parent Source: Help your child to be an independent thinker! Feb. 5, 2014
Growing Children: Five tips for reading aloud in the classroom Feb. 3, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: Writing thank you notes—a chore no more! Jan. 30, 2014
NKY Pathways: Regulation changes and trainer of the month! Jan. 29, 2014
Growing Children: The secret to staying motivated—and loving your early childhood education career! Jan. 22, 2014
Put a Bib on it: Is it too early to be thinking about kindergarten? Definitely not! Jan. 20, 2014
Blink —and They're Grown: What do you do if your school-age child has problems falling asleep? Jan. 16, 2014
Miami Valley Pathways: Enhance your professional development at 4C! Jan. 15, 2014
Growing Children: How can you have a positive impact on the families you serve in 2014? Jan. 9, 2014
Southwest Ohio Pathways: Elements of an effective classroom Jan. 8, 2014
Blink—and They're Grown: How do you feel about using a harsh tone of voice with your children? Jan. 6, 2014
January Parent Source: Have a healthy and happy new year! Jan. 2, 2014
Put a Bib on it: From stay-at-home mom to working mom: how do you transition? Jan. 2, 2014


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