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Price Discounts
$195 Orders placed prior to 12:01 EST on 8/1/2015 receive a $20 Discount.
Orders Received after this date will be $215.
Orders placed after 8/1/2015 will be installed by appointment within one week of move in.   Our on campus representative will contact the student directly.
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Student agrees that Campus Loft Co. Inc. will be held in no way responsible for students’ actions that may lead to injury as a result of an elevated bed.

I know that this is a rental only, I do not own the loft. Campus Loft will install it and pick up the loft after I move out at the end of the year. No need to make more work for myself, I will take that extra time to study for finals.

I will not take the loft apart, if I decide to do so (for some reason), I understand I will be charged $50.00 for re-assembly. If I need it removed, I will contact Campus Loft and they will do it for me.

My loft and I may change rooms. I know I can contact Campus Loft (through the UPDATE ORDER button on the website) and they will move my loft and re-assemble it for a small charge. If I choose to move it myself, I assume full responsibility for the re-assembly, and I know I MUST INFORM CAMPUS LOFT OF MY NEW LOCATION. I understand there is a charge of $800.00 if the loft is removed without notification or destroyed.

I understand that I can make room changes, cancel the loft, remove the loft, and update any personal information on the website under the "update order" button using my confirmation number that I will receive momentarily. This is the easiest way to do so if needed.

I understand I will have more room than those who did not order a Campus Loft. I may laugh at them in the hallways.
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